What are the core components of the family roof photovoltaic

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What are the core components of a family rooftop photovoltaic power station? Xi'an solar photovoltaic power supply has four parts, namely photovoltaic module, bracket, inverter and grid connected distribution box. Generally speaking, the quality of these four parts is qualified, and the whole photovoltaic power station is more trustworthy. Photovoltaic module is the most obvious, which is often called solar panel, fixed on the roof. According to the latest technical specifications, high-power and high-efficiency components should be selected. The efficiency of monocrystalline silicon component is not less than 17%, polycrystalline silicon component is not less than 16.2%, and film component is not less than 12%. Generally speaking, these data can be found in the product packaging or instructions. If you are not sure, you can check them carefully. Before the installation of photovoltaic modules for DC power supply, the engineers shall carry out roof survey, and then make system classification and photovoltaic array design, etc. the environmental facilities and green planting around the photovoltaic modules shall not block the sunlight projected on the photovoltaic modules. During installation, the installation of the support shall be qualified, and the allowable deviation range of the components shall meet the current national standards, such as the inclination angle deviation within 1 ° (included). Under the photovoltaic module, there is an important part hidden, that is, the support, which is directly related to the firmness of the photovoltaic power plant. The new code requires that the square support must be connected with the main structure of the building, and the deformation of the structure and the structure should be calculated according to the limit state of normal use. During the installation, the engineering personnel shall not strike forcibly, expand the gas cutting hole or damage the anti-corrosion coating of the support. The rest of the inverters and distribution boxes are generally not installed on the roof. Take Ms. Zhou's home for example. The inverters and distribution boxes in her home are installed on the north wall of the first floor, with a height of more than 2 meters from the ground. The inverter and distribution box are about the same size and look like the main engine of gas water heater. The user shall note that the inverter shall have the functions of automatic operation, stop and anti islanding effect, and the distribution box shall have the functions of isolation, short circuit protection, etc. The installation of these two parts is relatively simple. If the distribution box is to be installed outdoors, waterproof and anti-corrosion measures shall be taken.

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