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Shaanxi BlueOcean Electric Electric Co., Ltd

Shaanxi BlueOcean Electric Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a technical enterprise specializing in power supply R & D and production, the products include stabilized voltage power supply, variable frequency power supply, special power supply, high voltage power supply, inverter power supply, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), static converter, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, charger Production and sales of lighting appliances, transformers, airborne antennas, aviation ground testing equipment, aviation inertial navigation equipment, aviation airborne equipment, non-standard airborne equipment, electronic equipment, communication equipment (excluding satellite television broadcasting ground receiving facilities), non-standard electromechanical equipment; industrial automatic control and data processing system, automatic instrumentation and testing system, electric power automation equipment The company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, design, installation, construction, technical consultation and technical service of building automation equipment engineering. Relying on the technology of universities and scientific research institutes in Xi'an, the company wholeheartedly serves customers with the business philosophy of honesty, credibility and high efficiency. The products are widely used in many industries, such as industrial automation control, building automation, electronic instruments, electric power, communication, railway, aerospace, scientific research institutes, solar and wind power generation, military products, etc.

The company mainly produces series of power supply products, and has more than 100 varieties of industrial automation control and automation testing equipment, among which AC / AC variable frequency power supply, DC / AC static variable power supply, AC / DC and DC / DC switching power supply products as the company's pillar products, with high power density, high waveform quality, small ripple, high conversion efficiency, good electromagnetic compatibility, reasonable structure, stable performance and many other good qualities. Compared with the similar products of foreign well-known companies, some of the products of some kinds have better performance.

In terms of product research and development, the company adheres to the combination of independent research and development and horizontal cooperation, actively carries out technical cooperation and exchanges with major universities and scientific research institutes, and constantly introduces and absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad. In terms of quality management, we have established a sound quality assurance system for production and after-sales service. Relying on its own concise organization, advanced management concept and effective internal incentive mechanism, the company ensures the product quality in the production process.

The company always focuses on customers and employees, strives for survival with quality, strives for development with technological innovation, and aims to meet customers' special requirements. Adhering to the fine tradition of military production enterprises, the company is committed to high-quality, high reliability product development and production.

All staff to "dedicated, rigorous, meticulous, refined" work style, with good product quality, after-sales service and reasonable prices to meet the different needs of users.

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